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On this page, we offer a large range of all controls for tube motors for roller shutters and window decoration from Somfy based on IO. The advantages of the IO system are that the IO home control system is an updated version of the RTS control system.

With the IO system, 2-way communication is possible, which is not possible with an RTS system. This means that there is feedback. You send a signal from A to B but can also receive or request a signal from B to A. Think of a timer, which means you don't have to operate the motors manually. Even when you are not at home, the linked motors can be operated at the time you want. By using the time scenarios' you can then give the impression that someone is at home, making your house more secure.

IO technology is easy to expand if you want to connect multiple motors to your IO system. Multiple and different IO power plugs and Somfly receivers are available from Tromm. You can connect these plugs and receivers to existing equipment with a small and simple operation.

This IO system is perfect for connecting to the TaHoma system, which allows you to remotely control all your electrical devices in the house via Smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop. More information about the TaHoma system and all its options can also be found on this website.

All IO systems are delivered quickly with a clear manual. Our specialists are always ready to discuss your personal requirements with you in order to make the right choice.