Somfy Tube Motors

Somfy is a French company that operates worldwide. Somfy is a leading manufacturer of electric motors, controls, sensors for shutters, window decoration, garage doors, lighting and blinds.

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Somfy offers both RTS (Radio Technology Somfy) and IO systems. In these you have a choice of different control mechanisms such as wall switches, remote controls or even the Somfy Tahoma system that allows you to remotely control all your electrical equipment in the home via your smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop.

What you need at home is an Internet connection so that the server can connect wirelessly to your router in the house and your TaHoma box. This way, your electric shutters and all your electrical appliances are automatically controlled wherever you are or whenever you want. You can find more TaHoma system information here on our Tromm website.

The benefits of motorizing your window coverings are great. The electric solution is a safe choice for children because you don't have to deal with cords or rods. Your window decoration stays beautiful longer because you don't have to operate it manually. With the push of a button you can adjust your window decoration, which is an ideal solution for difficult to reach placement of your blinds such as high windows, heavy blinds or skylight decoration. Through sensors, you automate your window decoration so that even when you are not at home, your home appears occupied. There are also great benefits to motorizing yourgarage door, lighting and blinds. You need minimal cabling to set up your RTS or TaHoma system, making it very user-friendly and you don't have to bother with getting rid of cabling.

All Somfy tube motors are delivered quickly with a clear manual.

On this page you will find an overview of our entire range of the Somfy system and the required features. Our specialists are ready to work with you to list your personal requirements in order to make the right choice.