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The Somfy Oximo 50 IO is one of Somfy's latest motors for roller shutters. It is compatible with the latest controllers and is easy to adjust. The motor can be used optimally with the Tahoma system, thanks to the feedback it gives when executing a command. The motor has intelligent obstacle detection in both the up and down direction. (Works only for roller shutters with rigid joints (this has both the XS and XL versions). The motor stops automatically in the event of an obstacle or freezing and the IO remote control then indicates a blockage. The motor has an automatic maintenance cycle (monthly with automatic setting endpoints) so the roller shutter always opens and closes perfectly. And is quick to mount thanks to a clip system.

The advantage of Oximo IO is that there is feedback of the commands executed. So it is immediately clear whether an order has been executed and whether something has gone wrong. In combination with rigid connections, the motor can be adjusted fully automatically. When programming, the motor shows when a command has been given and in which state it is moving. In addition, the wireless control requires little cabling and the system is flexible and multifunctional: control points are easy to move and additional controls are easy to add to the motor.

Tromm offers you a 5-year warranty on all Oximo IO motors. In addition, we also offer our unique guarantee, where you get a replacement motor delivered to your home within 48 hours during the guarantee period in case of a defect (due to factory fault). All Oximo IO motors are delivered free of charge and with a clear manual.