RS100 IO 10/17

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The best motor from Somfy with a 7 year warranty! IO motor with feedback Super quiet motor by the special construction. With an adjustable speed you can make the motor even quieter and the soft start / soft stop ensures that the motor brakes and therefore closes extra soft.

You can choose between a standard motor or a pre-programmed motor. The advantage of a pre-programmed motor is that you know for sure that the motor works and you only have to adjust the endpoints. Click here costs are € 9,95 per motor and from 6 motors onwards this is free. Mail us for a quote Click below if you want a pre-programmed motor.

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Note: The motor is delivered without adapter set. This should be ordered separately.

Do you want the best motor that Somfy has, then the RS 100 is the motor you are looking for and the warranty on this motor is no less than 7 years!

Guaranteed quality thanks to very strict requirements:

  • The RS 100 is tested to 17,500 cycles. That's 2500 cycles more than any other motor in the Somfy range.
  • The reliability of the motor has been increased by a factor of 5, so you can be sure that it will do its job for many years.

Even easier to install and program:

  • No more need for an earth wire thanks to the motor's double insulation.
  • Automatically recognizes the correct direction of rotation, so no more hassle with wrong direction of the up and down buttons of the remote control. And also fewer steps during programming.
  • Endpoints are automatically adjusted and corrected if necessary.
  • You can easily adjust this motor with the Set & Go IO.

Since 2020 we have an alternative for the Somfy RS100 IO, which is the Elero RolMotion. In the video below, the differences are discussed. The Elero RolMotion motors can be found here.

Watch the videos below about the RS100 IO motors:

Pro's & cons
  • plus-circle Best motor from Somfy with feedback and obstacle detection
  • plus-circle extra quiet motor
  • plus-circle soft start and soft close technology
  • minus-circle more expensive compared to Elero's Rolmotion
More Information
Motor speed (rotations per minute) 17
Item number 1033149
Motor cable length 5
Nm 10
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