1. This is how you adjust the Somfy RS100's end points, and it's different from other motors.

    If your end points are not right on an RS100 motor, so the shutter runs too far up. Or stops at the bottom too early. Then you can adjust those points.

    With the RS100 this is done in a different way, because you have to set the motor in the middle first.

    With an Oximo RTS or IO, for example, you have to let it run all the way to the end point.

    And that is not always possible, because if the roller shutter were to run too far upwards, damage could occur.

    You don't want that and, as a result, you can then only reset the motor and then reset everything.

    Much more work.


    With the Oximo RTS and IO, adjusting is only possible if the end points are set manually, with the RS100 IO, adjusting is always possible.

    You can let the IO and RTS roller shutter motors adjust themselves,

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  2. The new version of the Somfy Keypad RTS viewed in detail

    Here it is - the new Somfy code keyboard in the RTS version.


    Somfy RTS codeklavier nieuwe uitvoering 2023


    Nicer design

    The first thing that stands out is the new design. It looks a lot nicer than its predecessor and finished in stylish black.

    The new one is a bit longer than the old keypad, but still about the same width.

    So it is now 70 mm wide and 120 mm high.



    Mounting and screw holes


    Funnily enough, the screw holes on the back are just the opposite, so 2 below and one above for the new one and 2 above and 1 below for the old one.


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  3. The Two Versions of Smoove RS100 IO


    Until recently, there was only one special Smoove RS100 IO that can switch a Somfy RS100 motor to its silent mode. Now we have two versions of Smoove RS100 IO. The current version has item number 1811321 and the latest version is 1811717.

    The Smoove RS100 IO-1811321 can be turned off. It also has pressure-sensitive buttons that make programming impossible, so you need to have a separate transmitter for programming. Flipping the switch on this version puts you into silent mode.

    With the release of Smoove RS100 IO-1811717, new features have been added. This version

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  4. Programming the Somfy Orea RTS - from start to finish

    Programming the Somfy Orea RTS - from start to finish

    An Orea RTS motor that comes straight out of the box, needs to be programmed.

    This means that:

    • A remote control will be linked
    • The roll out direction will be set
    • End limits will be programmed

    This ensures that the motor rolls in the right direction and stops at the right position.

    As an Orea motor can not have the upper limit set in manual mode, the motor is only suitable for  cassette awnings.

    It also means that the standard way of programming an RTS motor does not apply.


    Here are the

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  5. New - the Tromm in-wall receiver for remote control of your blinds, screens and shutters

    New - the Tromm in-wall receiver for remote control of your blinds, screens and shutters


    With a built-in receiver you can control your roller shutters and screens from a distance.

    We have sold many thousands of the Somfy version and now have an alternative that is cheaper and has surprising advantages.

    You can read all about it below. If you don't have time to read all the details, here's the summary.





    - Much cheaper - 44.95 each incl. VAT, lowest price - 39.95 if you buy 10 at once

    - Can also be connected to a solar and solar-wind sensor, which makes it perfect to use in combination with screens and blinds

    - Automatic ventilation setting of 20%, easy to call up via remote control

    - Within 10 seconds you have linked the transmitter and you can operate your roll-down shutter or screen

    - Can be connected to any brand of motor, as long as it is operated with a switch



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  6. How to wire up the Somfy Izymo IO shutter receiver module

    How to connect your Somfy Izymo IO shutter controller

    If you want to operate a roller shutter remotely, but your motor is operated with a switch, you can use the Izymo IO shutter receiver.

    You can also remove the switch and only operate it via a remote control or app (via the Tahoma Switch).

    This is what we assume in this installation step-by-step plan: You want to use your shutter via an app or a remote control and you no longer need the switch.

    Here are the installation instructions to connect your wired roller shutter motor to the Somfy Izymo IO shutter module.

    But, If you prefer, you can watch the video as well:


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  7. How to reset the Somfy Tahoma Switch

    How to reset the Somfy tahoma switch

    How do I reset the Tahoma Switch?

    You can read the intructions below, or just watch this video:



    What do you need?

    All you need is a paper clip


    What is a reset?

    A reset is performed if the box has locked up, for example.

    The box will revert to the mode where you can connect it to your router again.

    It will then install the updates again.

    All the settings you have defined in the application will be preserved.

    All the products, motors and sensors, that you have connected also remain

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  8. 2 ways how you can remove a remote control from the Somfy Centralis indoor RTS

    2 ways you can remove a telis rts remote control from your somfy centralis rts

    Today I am going to show you two ways you can use to remove a remote control from your Centralis RTS receiver unit.

    So let's have a look. You can read the instructions below, or watch this video:



    What you need is a thin screwdriver or you can use a paper clip to press the program button on the remote controls.


    Option 1: Via the receiver module

    The first way of removing remote control is by using the program button on the receiver unit.

    You have to be able to access this unit, of course. If that's not an option, wait for the second method. But let's start with this one.

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  9. How to reset the Somfy Tilt & Lift 25 RTS roman blind motor

    It's always possible that a reset of your Somfy motor is required.

    The regular 3-8-3 procedure is not going to work with 12V / battery operated motors.

    So how do you reset one of these motors?


    Let's look at how you can reset the Tilt & lift 25 RTS

    If you prefer to see the step-by-step video, you can watch it below.

    Alternatively, you can read the full instructions below the video



    So, the steps are as follows:


    1. Make sure the motor has power
    2. Press the prog button on the motor and hold it for about 10 seconds
    3. In these 10 seconds, the motor will jog 3 times
    4. The reset is complete after the third jog.

    Once the reset is done, the motor is back in

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  10. Somfy and Apple Homekit - which products are compatible and how?

    Somfy have announced compatibility with Apple Homekit, which allows you to control Somfy products directly through Apple.

    You can watch the video below to see the whole story or continue to read below the video.



    So, how does the integration work?

    Well, you need a couple of things:

    • the product you want to add needs to be programmed and working
    • the product you want to control through the app, needs to be linked to Tahoma

    So a Tahoma (Switch) is needed as a bridge between Apple Homekit and the Somfy products you want to control.

    You'd think that you'd then be able to control any Somfy product, but that's not the case.

    RTS products can not be controlled

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