1. How to reset the Somfy Tahoma Switch

    How to reset the Somfy tahoma switch

    How do I reset the Tahoma Switch?

    You can read the intructions below, or just watch this video:



    What do you need?

    All you need is a paper clip


    What is a reset?

    A reset is performed if the box has locked up, for example.

    The box will revert to the mode where you can connect it to your router again.

    It will then install the updates again.

    All the settings you have defined in the application will be preserved.

    All the products, motors and sensors, that you have connected also remain

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  2. Somfy and Apple Homekit - which products are compatible and how?

    Somfy have announced compatibility with Apple Homekit, which allows you to control Somfy products directly through Apple.

    You can watch the video below to see the whole story or continue to read below the video.



    So, how does the integration work?

    Well, you need a couple of things:

    • the product you want to add needs to be programmed and working
    • the product you want to control through the app, needs to be linked to Tahoma

    So a Tahoma (Switch) is needed as a bridge between Apple Homekit and the Somfy products you want to control.

    You'd think that you'd then be able to control any Somfy product, but that's not the case.

    RTS products can not be controlled

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