Until recently, there was only one special Smoove RS100 IO that can switch a Somfy RS100 motor to its silent mode. Now we have two versions of Smoove RS100 IO. The current version has item number 1811321 and the latest version is 1811717.

The Smoove RS100 IO-1811321 can be turned off. It also has pressure-sensitive buttons that make programming impossible, so you need to have a separate transmitter for programming. Flipping the switch on this version puts you into silent mode.

With the release of Smoove RS100 IO-1811717, new features have been added. This version cannot be turned off and it does not have pressure-sensitive sensors, instead, it has real buttons that make programming possible with this remote. You no longer need a separate transmitter to program a motor. This Smoove RS100 IO version puts the motor into silent mode by holding the button down for more than 2 seconds.

RS100 IO 1811321


This SMOOVE RS100 io 1811321 remote control model has been specially designed for the new S&SO RS100 motor range as it integrates the discrete function via a button positioned on the front panel. This allows you to change the speed of the shutter from fast to slow with a simple movement to provide more comfort and well-being by removing the noise when the slats are stacked. The remote control always has a battery level indicator that allows you to see its autonomy level via a light located on the front panel.


The new Smoove RS100 io 1811717 is specific to the S&SO RS100 roller shutter motor. It allows the visual control of one or more roller shutters. The control unit integrates the discrete function symbolized by the feather. This function provides acoustic comfort during the operation of the roller shutter. The discrete speed is activated by pressing longer on the up and down buttons.

RS100 IO 1811717


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