RTS motors

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RTS motors are tubular motors with an integrated receiver for a remote control and also have a number of special functions, such as obstacle detection and protection against freezing. Thanks to the obstacle detection in the sensor system, the motor stops automatically as soon as the sensors detect an object or person. This makes the system extra safe for both your family members and all your possessions. The RTS system consists of 1-way communication, meaning that the information sent is only from A to B and no feedback is possible. When you use time scenarios (which allow you to set exactly when and at what time the roller shutters go up or down) you can create the impression that someone is at home, making your home more secure. Due to the automatic maintenance cycle, the motor will always open and close the roller shutter perfectly. This means you never have to open the shutter box to adjust the adjustment.

Tromm offers you a 5-year warranty on all RTS motors. In addition, we also offer our unique guarantee, whereby in the guarantee period you will get a replacement motor delivered to your home within 48 hours in case of a defect (due to factory fault). All Oximo RTS motors are delivered free of charge and with a clear manual.