Altus 40 RTS 13/10

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The Altus 13/10 is a wireless motor for 8K40 axles.With 13 Nm pulling power you can apply it in roller shutters with a maximum weight of 65 kg.

You can choose between a standard motor or a pre-programmed motor. The advantage of a pre-programmed motor is that you know for sure that the motor works and that you only have to adjust the endpoints. Costs are €9,95 per motor and from 6 motors onwards this is free. Mail us for a quote.Click below if you want a preprogrammed motor.

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The Altus 40 RTS is the only motor with wireless control integrated into the motor for narrow shafts.

This means that it does not have the functions of the Oximo, such as obstacle detection and protection against freezing (that did not fit in the motor anymore), but you do have a lot of advantages of the operation via RTS.

For example, you can set an intermediate position, which you can call up via the "My" button.

But you can also go for a complete automation via the Tahoma system.

If you think a complete automation is a bit much, you can choose from a series of controls that allow you to realize most of your wishes.

For example, there are time controls for automatic opening and closing of the shutter on time.

But you can also close your roller shutter when the sun gets too bright or it gets too hot in the room. You use the RTS sensors for that.

If you have several roller shutters, you simply use a multi-channel transmitter. This allows you to control a shutter individually, but also to make a group channel, so that with 1 push of a button everything opens or closes.

More Information
Motor speed (rotations per minute) 10
Item number TROMM-193
Motor cable length 5
Nm 13
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