Oximo 50 RTS 15/17

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Wirelessly operated shutter motor with a tensile force of 60 kg (for a 50 mm diameter tube)


  • Obstacle detection for the protection of your roller shutter and belongings
  • Protection against damage from freezing of the roller shutter
  • Intermediate position easy to program and recall with the "My" button on the remote control

You can choose from a standard motor or a pre-programmed motor. The great advantage of a pre-programmed motor is that you can be sure the motor will work and only need to adjust the end points. Click here for more information about pre-programmed motors.
The cost for pre-programming is € 9.95. From 6 motors and up this is free, mail us for a custom quote.

Click below if you want to use a preprogrammed motor.

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Further features of the Oximo 50 RTS motor are:

  • Large reception range of up to 20 meters through 2 concrete walls
  • Adjustable in time by using an RTS time control (accessory)
  • The automatic intermediate position is already pre-programmed on the daylight setting

Further technical details of interest:

  • 1 Oximo motor can be controlled by a maximum of 12 wireless control points
  • Minimum tube diameter must be 47 mm
  • Capacity of the final adjustment: 200 revolutions with a maximum running time of 3 minutes
  • Standard delivered with a white 3-wire (VVF) cord with a length of 3 meters
  • Not suitable for continuous use
More Information
trekkracht motor 60 kg bij 50 mm diameter buis, 50 kg bij 60 mm en 43 kg bij 70 mm
Motor speed (rotations per minute) 17
voeding motor 230 V
Lengte motor 655 mm
motor vermogen 140 W
Werkingstijg motor 4 minuten
Max aantal omwentelingen motor 200
Motor cable length 5 meter
Aantal draden motorkabel 3
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