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Tromm offers you a wide range of all controls for your Somfy electric products based on RTS technology (Radio Technology Somfy). The smart Somfy wireless technologies make controlling your electronic roller shutters, window decoration, garage doors, lighting and blinds in and around the house easier and in this way it offers you more luxury and security. Somfy offers you two choices: RTS or IO. There are some differences between these two technologies:

RTS (Radio Technology Somfy) has been Somfy's own wireless system for roller shutters, blinds, window decoration and garage doors for years. This type of system is easily expandable, but only within RTS technology. The RTS system consists of 1-way communication, meaning that the information sent only goes from A to B and does not have a feedback function in the control. There are therefore some limitations when applying with the TaHoma system and operating via a Smartphone.

IO is the leading and innovative technology for professionals, used in products by Honeywell, Hitachi, Velux and others and in combination with the latest generation of Somfy motors and receivers. With the IO motor system, 2-way communication is possible, where it is not possible with an RTS motor system. A 2-way communication involves feedback control. You send a signal from A to B and the option is there to receive or retrieve a signal from B to A. 

By using the Somfy RTS system, you need minimal cabling to hook up the system, making it very user-friendly and you don't have to bother with getting rid of cabling.

RTS technology is recommended for homes with only a few blinds, shutters, garage doors and lighting.