Kit for 50 mm blinds | 12 V | Tilt only 50 complete

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The ideal solution for tilting your blinds with 50 mm or wider slats. The Tilt only kit allows you to control this automatically.

This kit includes:

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For blinds with 50 mm or wider slats, there is a motor that can electrically tilt the slats. Ideal for blinds that you always leave down, but want to be able to control how much light comes in. Or that automatically provide privacy when you turn on the lights inside at night.

The big advantage of this kit is that everything is very easy to install. Within a few minutes you are ready. Without screws, drilling or other tricky stuff. And you don't need to have power nearby. In fact, the motor is a 12V motor, which you can pair with a rechargeable battery, a solar panel or a transformer.

For control, you can choose from an ordinary hand or wall transmitter. But also for automatic time control, closing via a sun sensor or even app control.

Combinations are also always possible.

- Suitable for blinds up to max. 400 cm wide.
- A corresponding remote control must still be ordered separately.
- We
recommend purchasing a one-time charger for the Li-ion battery.

For whom is this kit suitable?

The kit for electric blinds is suitable for those who:

  • Sufficient to automate the tilting of the slats.
  • Want an easy-to-install solution and do not want to change much to the blind.
  • Has a blind with a 50 mm deep upper box (slats of 50 mm depth).
  • Want to work with remote control (RTS), app or a home automation system such as Click-to-Click-Off, Homey or icm with RFXcom.
  • Want an easy connection with Somfy TaHoma.

The kit includes all parts to motorize your blind:

  1. The Somfy Tilt only 50 RTS motor, this motor lets you tilt your slats via remote control or app. The motor works precisely and quietly.
    You don't need to pull cables to the motor, because you can just use a rechargeable battery as a power supply.
    In fact, the motor is a 12V motor. Other power supply options include a transformer and a solar panel. More info on these can be found in the accessories.
    Size is 95 x 50 x 30 mm
  2. All adapter pieces you need to properly install the motor
  3. Rechargeable Li-ion battery
    Dimensions: 250 x25 x23 mm

See the video below for more explanation about the new Tilt only 50 RTS motor

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