Solar panel for li-ion motors and batteries

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The solar panel ensures that your motor with li-ion battery is always full, so you never need to recharge it. Handy if you have no outlet nearby or if your window decoration is in a hard to reach place
Easy to connect and then you have nothing to worry about. Works with the Li-ion external battery and all Somfy motors with built-in Li-ion motors made after March 2002.

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With the Li-on motors and batteries you can go up to 6 months. Up and down once a day. But when the battery is empty you need to recharge.

You can now do this automatically with Somfy's solar panel for the Li-ion motors and batteries.

Advantages / features:

  • The panel converts sunlight into electricity, which is routed to the battery and thereby recharged. You can thus avoid suddenly being stuck with an empty battery.
  • It is especially convenient if your window decoration is in an inconvenient place or if you don't have a socket nearby.
  • You need one panel per motor.
  • You can mount the panel directly against the glass with the supplied double-sided tape or you can use the supplied mounting brackets.
  • Make sure the panel catches as much sunlight as possible and there is no screen, blackout film or similar in front of the window that blocks the light.
  • When your window is facing north, that's not ideal as it often doesn't provide enough light to guarantee a full battery at all times (especially in winter).
  • The type of windows also play a role; the panel is suitable up to HR++ windows. Do you have windows with 3 layers or HR++, then the panel is not suitable.
  • Panel dimensions: 30 cm long, 4 cm high and just over a centimeter thick. This is not large but since the panel must catch light you may be able to see it from inside and outside.
  • Connection is easy, just plug the panel into the battery or motor. The length of the connecting cable is 69.5 cm, so in most cases that is sufficient.
    If you need a longer extension cable, these can be ordered separately (length 25, 120 and even 240 cm).

Watch the video below:

Pro's & cons
  • plus-circle Never an empty li-ion motor
  • plus-circle wireless charging via solar energy
  • plus-circle Ideal for windows that are difficult to reach
  • minus-circle not suitable for HR++ windows
  • minus-circle visible on the outside of the window
  • minus-circle not ideal for north-facing windows
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