Somfy Sunis Wirefree II IO sensor

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This Sunis Wirefree IO is a sun sensor that, when there is too much sunlight, causes your roller shutter, screen or blinds to roll out

If the sun becomes less bright, the Sunis will make sure everything opens again.


  • Set how much light you want inside
  • With 2 button presses within 30 seconds to link to any Somfy IO motor
  • Option: Create smart programs in combination with the Tahoma Switch

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The Sunis wirefree IO is a separate sensor that can be used to roll in or out sun blinds (such as screens) or shutters based on measured sunlight.

It is only suitable for motors with the Somfy IO system.

You pair the Sunis with any screen or roller shutter, which should close automatically when you get too much sunlight.

You can also link the sensor to the Tahoma Switch and control the motors from there.

Linking to the Tahoma gives you more options.

Even more options via Tahoma

If you add the Sunis sensor to your Tahoma Switch, you don't have to connect it separately to each motor.

This saves you time.

You can then easily create a program that tells the Switch what to do when there is too much light.

And also which shutters or screens should react.

You can also see in the Tahoma app how bright the sun is at that moment and how much sun there has been recently.

Combining light and temperature sensors

Too much light inside is annoying, but if it gets too hot, that's not nice either.

Hence, there is also a temperature sensor. This is the Thermis IO (you can find it here) and it is the perfect companion to the Sunis IO.

By combining them, you can make sure in winter, for example, that a room does warm up because of the sun. Then when the room has reached a certain temperature, the screens go down

Even though there may not be that much sun.

In summer, by combining the Sunis and Thermis, you can keep your room nice and cool.

Other details:

  • Compact unit of only 78 mm diameter diameter
  • Power supply via 2 batteries (included)

Technical data:

  • Protection class: IP 44
  • Operating temperature: -20 C to + 60 C
  • Transmission frequency: 868 - 870 Mhz
  • Setting range sun limit: 5 - 55 kLux
  • Battery life: more than 5 years
  • Power supply: 2 AA batteries

Watch the video below to see what the differences are between the Thermosunis and the Sunis:

This is how you can link or remove the Sunis Wirefree IO to the TaHoma Switch:

Pro's & cons
  • wireless installation
  • closing and opening of roller shutter or awning according to brightness
  • only in combination with IO motors
  • does not measure temperature
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