Orea 50 WT

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The Orea WT motor is the perfect motor for operating awnings. The motor offers perfect awning closure (fabric stretch compensation) with torque reduction and immediate interruption of the power supply. you can easily adjust the motor without access to the motor head. In addition, it is possible to connect several motors in parallel. The motor is applicable with all Somfy controllers.

There are two different versions:
Orea 50 WT; for small blinds
Orea 60 WT: for medium to large awnings

Tromm offers a 5-year warranty on all Orea WT motors. In addition, we also offer our unique guarantee, whereby in the guarantee period you get a replacement motor delivered to your home within 48 hours in case of a defect (due to factory fault). All Orea WT motors are delivered free of charge and with a clear manual.