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The LS 40 Somfy motor is a very suitable motor for screens and roller shutters. This motor is operated with a switch as standard, but can also, if desired, be extended with an RTS 2 external receiver. This makes the motor wirelessly controllable and you can also use 2 intermediate positions via the "My" function option.

The RTS system consists of 1-way communication, meaning that the information sent only goes from A to B and does not have a feedback function in the control. The motor is very simple to use with regard to installing and handling the accompanying remote control and is programmed and adjusted within minutes thanks to our service of telephone guidance during initial adjustment.

Tromm offers you a 5-year warranty on all LS 40 motors. In addition, we also offer our unique guarantee, where you will get a replacement motor delivered to your home within 48 hours during the guarantee period in case of a defect (due to factory fault). All LS 40 motors are delivered free of charge and with a clear manual.