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On this page, we offer you the range of all lighting controls from Somfy based on IO. The IO system is the improved version of the RTS.

The IO system does allow 2-way communication, which means that it involves feedback control. You send a signal from A to B and the option is therefore to receive or retrieve a signal from B to A. A practical example of this is that feedback allows you to see whether your lighting is on or off, without having to be near the light source. You can think of a timer, which means you don't have to manually turn your lights on or off, but even if you are not at home, the lights will come on at your preferred time. There are several advantages of IO motors in combination with the TaHoma home automation system. For example, you can see the live status of the motor at any time. Think in the down position, in the up position or in an intermediate position. This intermediate position is then also displayed exactly graphically. Also when a command is executed, feedback is given on the execution of the command you gave. You can control a roller shutter to an intermediate position very precisely via your phone, smartphone or PC, simply by dragging the lower slat to the correct position.

By using time scenarios, you can always give the impression that someone is at home, immediately making your home a lot more secure. IO technology is easy to expand if you want to connect several light points to your IO system.

All IO systems are delivered quickly with a clear manual. On this page, you will find an overview of our IO system range and the required features. Our specialists will be happy to discuss your personal requirements with you in order to make the right choice.