Chronis IO

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The Somfy Chronis IO is a 1 channel time control for IO motors and lighting.

It allows you to automatically open and close your shutters, controlling either 1 shutter or 1 group of shutters simultaneously.


Advantages and features:

  • Up to 4 switching times per day can be programmed.
  • One way wireless solution
  • Large display with back light, simple and clear interface and separate keys for programming switching times.
  • Slide switch to easily set the desired operating modes (automatic, manual, presence simulation)
  • Up, MY or Stop, Down keys to control the products by yourself at all times
  • Presence simulation
  • Cosmic function to control the products at sunset
  • User-friendly aids such as Copy/Paste, block functions (1 day can be copied to a full week or weekend and pre-programmed commands.

Note! You cannot use Chronis IO to adjust IO motors.


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The Chronis IO can be set in 3 modes:

In automatic mode:
In this mode, the shutters are automatically opened and closed.
Up to 4 commands per day can be programmed.
This means 2 times opening and 2 times closing, but of course you can also set the shutters to an intermediate position (instead of fully opening and closing)
Individual commands for opening or closing can always be issued in this interim period.

In manual mode - time control off:
In this mode the automatic time control is switched off and you can simply roll the shutters up or down.

In absence simulation mode
:When the Chronis IO is in this mode, the linked shutters are opened or closed with a random variation of +1 to +30 minutes.
In this interval always also individual commands for opening or closing are given.


  • Automatic time control for 1 or more shutters simultaneously with up to 4 commands per day

  • 3 modes: manual, automatic and presence simulation

  • Low battery indicator

  • Special tilt mode when used as control for blinds and special dim mode when used as light control

Further features:

  • Through the repeat function, an "up" or "down" signal can be repeated several times within a short period of time. This way you can ensure that no interference can occur and you can be sure that the signal is received. This can be set up to 5 repetitions

  • Connection with solar sensors possible for optimal automatic control

  • Possibility of automatic changeover from winter to summer time and vice versa

  • In automatic and simulated presence, automatic sunset can also be monitored before the shutters are closed

  • With 1 push of a button the "My" position can be used

  • With the demo function, you can quickly go through whether the programmed time schedule matches what you had in mind.

  • Easily copy a daily menu to the next day. This can also be done with a whole week menu.


  • Chronis IO time control
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • Wall holder

Caution! You cannot use the Chronis IO to adjust IO motors.


If the batteries are dead, do I have to reprogram everything?

If the batteries are empty, everything remains in memory But you must then insert new batteries within 2 minutes, otherwise you have to reset the date and time The programming itself and the connection with the motors will always be preserved, even if the batteries have been dead for more than 2 minutes

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voeding 2 x AAA batterij, 1,5V (inbegrepen bij levering)
beschermklasse behuizing IP 20
Bedrijfstemperatuur +0 tot + 60 C
tahoma aansluiting -
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