Tape rollers

Op deze pagina vind je alle elektrische en manuele bandoprollers. Elektrische bandoprollers (Rollotron) zijn van Rademacher. Manuele bandoprollers zijn van Selve en Siral.

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On this page you will find all Rademacher electric belt rollers. They can be divided into: Standard, Comfort and Duofern.

  • With a standard tape roller you can operate the roller shutters with a simple push of a button.
  • A tape roller with Duofern can also be operated with the 6 channel hand-held transmitter.
  • A tape roller with Comfort has, among other things, a built-in extensive time control with daily and weekly programmes.

The belt winder is available in the normal version (up to 45 kg)
But are also available in the plus version (up to 60 kg).

The built-in versions are suitable for all boxes 36 mm wide and 23 mm ribbon. There is also a built-in version available for 15 mm ribbon and 3 surface-mounted versions for 15 mm ribbon. 


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