Izymo LED dimmer receiver IO

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With this Izymo LED Dimming ( Lighting Receiver (dimming/on/off) io you can easily make your lighting smart.
Place the Izymo Dimmer Receiver io behind your switch or near the light source and you can switch it on/off or dim it remotely.

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The IZYMO ™ led dimmer receiver io micromodule is a radio receiver that can be used to dim led lights. The module is added in the flush mount box behind the lamp level switch, depending on your installation. You don't need to run new cables thanks to the io radio technology. The receiver is controlled from one or more radio transmitter(s) to remotely switch on/off or dim your lights. You can continue to use the existing wall switches (rocker switch or push button). Thanks to the TaHoma Switch, you can control and monitor your lighting with your smartphone and your voice assistant.

DIM YOUR LIGHTS DEPENDING ON YOUR VOICE, Depending on different daily routines, you may want different brightness levels. When you work, watch a movie or eat, the mood of your room is adjusted for optimal comfort. Adjust the lighting to suit the occasion in one motion!

SAVE EVERY MORNING TIME, you can leave your house and make sure all your lights are off thanks to feedback from your devices. You no longer have to spend time checking every room. That's one less thing to worry about every morning!

SIMULATING YOUR PRESENCE, You can bring your home to life whenever you want by turning the lights on or off or by starting the "presence simulation" scenario through your TaHoma Switch. Your living room shutters open and close, and lights turn on and off. This makes it seem like you're at home even when you're at work or on vacation, giving you complete peace of mind thanks to the product feedback.

LIGHT, CAMERA, ACTION! With Amazon's vocal assistant, you can change the look and feel of your living room in an instant. "Alexa, turn on movie night." Within seconds, the blinds go down, the light is dimmed to 40% and the mood lighting comes on - creating the perfect atmosphere for watching a movie!

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