Tromm Built-in receiver for roller shutters

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If you want to control your shutters, screens or blinds remotely instead of using a switch, the Tromm flush-mounted receiver is the solution You place this recessed receiver behind your recessed switch, so you can operate your shutters or blinds with the switch or via a remote control.


  • Can be used together with a switch, but also replace your switch.
  • Easily pair a remote control or wireless clock for automatic opening and closing.
  • Suitable for shutters, screens, awnings and blinds.
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Replacing your roller shutter motors because you no longer want to control them with a switch but with a remote control is not necessary.

With this receiver (which you place behind a built-in switch) you can now operate your motors with a remote control.

You can also connect a wireless wind sensor / solar wind sensor to it That makes the Tromm receiver also suitable for awnings and screen motors.

Would you like to use the receiver to tilt your blinds with a remote control? That is also possible. Adjust the settings with a few presses and you control your blind remotely from now on (video on how to do that is available).

Handy is also that you can link a wireless 6-channel clock. This remote control lets you open and close the shutters / blinds at times set by you.

Further advantages:

  • Recall the ventilation mode without programming. Press the appropriate buttons and the shutter automatically rolls open to 20%.
  • Program an intermediate position, so that by 2 keys on the remote control you let the shutter run to your preferred position.
  • Can also be linked as a receiver for a wired home automation system.

Technical details:

    • weight: 30 grams
    • dimensions: 47 x 18 x 32 mm
    • maximum of 30 transmitters can be linked, including a maximum of 3 sensors
    • IP classification: IP 20 - dustproof
    • 3A maximum
    • frequency: 433.92 MHz
    • operating temperature: -20 Celsius to +55 Celsius
    • maximum operation time: 240 seconds as factory setting, can be adjusted to maximum 650 seconds

Video In-depth look Tromm Built-in receiver:

Video Connecting first remote control to the Tromm receiver:

Video How to reset the built-in receiver:

Pro's & cons
  • Competitive price
  • Works with wired motors of any brand
  • Cables can be secured with screws
  • Cannot be expanded with app control
  • 3 years warranty instead of 5 years
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