Somfy Solarkit | RS100 IO 10/12

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With this RS100 Solar IO 10/12 kit you can automate your shutters based on solar energy. This kit offers you all the benefits of the RS100 IO motor combined with the specific advantages of solar. For example, the motor can work up to 45 days with a fully charged battery. In addition, the motor is suitable for shafts from 8k50.

The maximum tensile force available is 20Nm, making the kits suitable for heavier shutters as well.

Motor length: 452.9 mm.

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The RS100 Solar IO kit combines the strengths of the standard RS100 IO with the advantages of solar power.

A tractive force of up to 20 Nm and very quiet motor, in addition, the battery level is also visible in the TaHoma app (when using the TaHoma Switch).

Furthermore, you can go up to 45 days ahead on 1 full charge, this is especially useful in winter when the days are short.

The Somfy Solarkit | RS100 IO is suitable for shafts from 8k50 (50 mm diameter).

Further advantages are

  • The intermediate position (My position) is automatically pre-programmed to the daylight position. Adjustment is always possible and easy.
  • You can convert the motor to a lower rotation speed, which makes the motor run even quieter.
  • Controllable with up to 9 transmitters (1-channel) like the Smoove and Situo IO, but with an infinite number of 2-way transmitters.
  • 7-year warranty (when the panel and battery are also from Somfy, otherwise 5 years).
  • Frost detection, so protection against damage due to the shutter freezing.
  • Sleep mode which maximizes battery life.
  • The antenna are inside the shutter box and therefore not visible from outside.
  • Soft-start and soft-stop function, this allows the shutter to start in a controlled manner and brakes neatly at the start and end points. This further extends its life and ensures quieter operation.

What should you pay attention to?

  • If you have 40 mm diameter shafts, then the Somfy Oximo 40 IO wirefree is an appropriate option.
  • The speed is not the same for all motors, the stronger motors run slower than the lighter motors.
  • The battery length and strength is different for the motors up to and including 10 Nm compared to the stronger motors. This also applies to the solar panel.
  • The motor has a maximum operating time of 3 minutes.
  • Frost detection works only when the shutter is fully closed. If it freezes while the shutter is in the ventilation position (i.e. with the light gaps between the slats open), it will not work.

Technical details

  • Capacity of final adjustment: 136 revolutions.
  • Reception range: Maximum 20 meters through 2 concrete walls.
  • Not suitable for continuous operation.
  • Class II motor.
  • Minimum inside dimension of roller shutter shaft: 47 mm.

Pro's & cons
  • plus-circle combination of all the advantages of the RS100 IO motor with solar function
  • plus-circle tensile force of up to 20 Nm, so also for heavier roller shutters
  • plus-circle suitable for shafts from 8k50
  • minus-circle price
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Motor speed (rotations per minute) 12
Item number 1244719
Nm 10
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