Somfy IB Control box CD1x4, 4 motors 230V

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The Somfy IB Control Box CD1x4 is a relay box for up to 4 motors.

This box allows you to control 4 motors at the same time with 1 switch.


  • You can set 2 intermediate positions
  • Each motor has its own fuse
  • Suitable for central IB control
  • IP54, so suitable for outdoor use
  • Compact design: 16.5 x 16 x 6 cm
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If you want to roll motors in and out with 1 switch at a time, you need a relay box. The CD1x4 from Somfy allows you to control up to 4 motors with up to 1 switch.

The motors can be for shutters, blinds or screens, as long as they are wired motors on 220-230V.

An advantage of the Somfy IB Control Box CD1x4 is that you can also fix between positions.

This allows you to run the shutters to a fixed intermediate position in the afternoon, so that you are less bothered by the sun, for example. Especially with central control or in combination with time control, this is a handy feature.

You can also choose not to enable local control. By flipping a switch on the circuit board, you can ensure that the sun blinds or screens run automatically with building control. This is useful when controlling blinds on large buildings.

The running time of the relay is3 minutes. This is more than sufficient for most electric blinds and screens.

Only with very long screens and slow running motors (i.e. taking more than 3 minutes to reach their end point), this relay is not suitable.

The difference between the versions is as follows:

CD 1 x 4 P6 is only the circuit board (i.e. without housing) and has part number 1 822 038

CD 1 x 4 P8 is the complete product, i.e. the circuit board with housing. It has as part number 1 822 039

Technical details:

Power supply: AC - RGE 1 - 230V/50HZ

Insulation class: II

Protection index: IP 20

Thickness: 55 mm

Color/Finishing: Gray

dimensions: 16.5 wide x 16 high x 6 cm deep

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