Soliris sun/wind sensor IO

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The Soliris io sensor is a combined sun and wind sensor equipped with the io-homecontrol® radio protocol. The sensor also contains a potential free input contact to connect an Ondeis rain sensor.
The sensor needs to be programmed directly on the motor and is not compatible with the 2 way controllers such as TaHoma, Connexoon io and Nina (timer) io.
The setting of the sun and wind thresholds need to be done on the sensor.

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  • When there is too much sunlight, the screen is automatically lowered
  • Wind detection closes the sunshade in case of excessive wind speeds.
  • Sun function can be switched off (e.g. in winter)
  • Only needs to be connected to the mains.
  • Easy to program on the io motor.
  • Simple setting of sun and wind limits at the bottom of the sensor.
  • Wireless signal transmission, therefore minimum cabling required.
  • Attractive design.
  • 230 V connection
  • 1 sensor can be programmed on multiple io-motors.
  • With indicator LEDs showing sunlight and wind threshold.
  • 2 seconds after exceeding the wind threshold an up command is given.
  • With built-in demo function.
  • For rain detection, a rain sensor must be connected to the additional contact. This rain sensor is not supplied as standard.
  • The reaction after a signal from the rain sensor can be set via a switch in the Soliris io sensor:
    - S = Security = the application is sent to its security position. Awnings are sent up and the slats of a pergola are closed
    - C = Comfort = the application is sent down for more consumer comfort. E.g. blinds on a restaurant terrace are lowered
    - By default, this switch is in the middle position and the rain function is disabled
  • NOTE: Not compatible with the Nina or TaHoma switch.
  • Control only to end position
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