Ilmo 50 WT

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The Ilmo 50 WT motor is a motor without adjustment. This means that the motor can be used using a simple connection. This type of Somfy motor is so cleverly designed that it automatically memorises its end points. The motor offers extra safety thanks to obstacle detection and protection against freezing. This means the motor stops automatically as soon as its sensors detect an object or person. This makes the system extra safe for both your family and your belongings.

The motor can be mounted on the left or right and is very simple to use when it comes to installing and handling. It is programmed and adjusted within minutes thanks to our service of telephone guidance during initial adjustment. The motor is operated from a control point with a fixed or with an automatic zero position.

Tromm offers you a 5-year warranty on all Ilmo 50 WT motors. In addition, we also offer our unique warranty, where you get a replacement motor delivered to your home within 48 hours during the warranty period in case of a defect (due to factory fault). All Ilmo 50 WT motors are delivered free of charge and with a clear manual.