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Tromm offers you a large range of all lighting controls from Somfy based on RTS technology (Radio Technology Somfy). The advantages of the RTS system are similar to the IO system. The system can consist of wireless switches and receivers for both motors and lighting, which can be combined and linked from multiple light points. One difference between these two systems is that the RTS wireless control system is an existing technology, where the IO system is an updated version of it.

Operating the remote controls for RTS lighting is very simple and easy. You need minimal cabling to set up your RTS lighting system, making it very user-friendly and you don't have to bother with getting rid of cabling. The RTS system consists of 1-way communication, meaning that the information sent only goes from A to B and does not have a feedback function in the control. Adding multiple light points is no problem with the RTS system. You can easily do this by purchasing additional RTS sockets. This also makes the light points remotely controllable and easy to handle.

Note: unfortunately, it is not possible to expand without Somfy products. For this, you will only be able to use Somfy RTS switches to add multiple light products to your RTS system and control. This form of control is also very easy to combine and connect to the TaHoma system, which allows you to control all your electrical appliances.

All RTS systems are delivered quickly with a clear manual. On this page, you will find an overview of our RTS system range and the required features. Our specialists are ready to work with you to identify your personal comfort in order to make the right purchase.