Elero RolTop 868 SH 50 Nm

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The RolTop 868 SH is a versatile remote control motor for roller shutters. The motors can communicate with each other through the mesh network, they are ideal replacements for an Oximo IO or RTS motor because of the same strength. The motor is standard delivered with an 8k60 adapter set.

You can choose between a standard motor or a pre-programmed motor. The big advantage of a pre-programmed motor is that you know for sure that the motor works and you only have to adjust the endpoints. Click here for more information about preprogrammed motors.
The costs for preprogramming are € 9.95. From 6 motors it is free, mail us for a customized quote

Click below if you want to use a pre-programmed motor.

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  • Buy 2 for €198.95 each and save 2%
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The RolTop 868 SH is a versatile remote control motor for roller shutters. Advantages are:

  • Bi-directional communication according to the mesh network principle. This means that the motors can forward the signal from the remote control to each other This communicates
    the motors communicate with each other and you never have a motor that is not listening

  • The motor has a Somfy-compatible star head, so you can use it perfectly as a replacement for an Oximo IO or Oximo RTS.
  • Standard delivered with adapter set 8k60 (or 8k50 or 8k70 on request)
  • Keep your shutter intact, thanks to obstacle detection and frost protection
  • With the Centero Home you can also control the motors with an app from your phone.

In addition, the RolTop has the following features:

  • 7-year warranty
  • Comes with 5 meter long, black, weatherproof connection cable
  • Can be connected in parallel.
  • Smart pull calculation, so it's no problem to take a stronger motor The motor adjusts itself to the weight of the shutter.
  • Connection cable can easily be disconnected, so handy if you ever need to change the motor in the future
  • Endpoints are easy to program with a programming cable, which you can borrow for free against a deposit. This makes adjustment very easy.

Alternative to:
The RolTop is an excellent replacement for Somfy RTS or IO motor, and also has the following additional advantages:

  • Better range for the RolTop thanks to Mesh network function.
  • Also available in 50Nm, so does not stop at 40Nm.
  • Starhead so easy to exchange.
  • Comes already standard with 8k60 adapter set.
  • 7 year warranty
  • Rotation speed is 14 revolutions per minute.

Caution! When you place a new motor you still need a motor bracket. For this you can use the Somfy series motor bracket.

More Information
Motor speed (rotations per minute) 14
Item number TROMM-937
Motor cable length 5
Nm 50
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pdf Elero RolTop Operating instruction pdf 1.9 MB Download
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