Somfy Solar kit | Oximo 40 RTS 10 Nm

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This automation package is specially designed to control roller shutter motors wirelessly using solar energy.

The system consists of:

- A tube motor Oximo 40 Wirefree RTS 10/12 12 Vdc
with built-in high-frequency receiver.
- A solar panel
- Battery 12V for Somfy solar motor

The Oximo 40 RTS 10/12 can pull shutters up to 51 kg.

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Oximo 40 WireFree RTS series, autonomous system only for roller shutters

A complete system includes:
- An Oximo RTS tube motor, with built-in high-frequency receiver.
- One solar panel 12V
- Battery 12V for Somfy solar motor

In addition, of importance:
- Push button for switching off the power supply.
- Possibility of connecting a second solar panel depending on orientation and installation characteristics.
- Reception range: 20 meters through 2 concrete walls.
- Easy wireless adjustment by remote control.
- Possibility of combination with wireless timer (possibly with light sensor).
- Automatic intermediate position pre-programmed as standard on the daylight position.
- 1 Oximo RTS tubular motor can be operated with up to 12 wireless control points.
- Not applicable with relay boxes, standard switches and standard controllers.
- Fits into a tube octo 40 with flange edge on the outside.
- Capacity of final adjustment: 200 revolutions. Running time limited to 4 min.
- Not suitable for continuous operation.

To operate the automation package, please purchase an RTS remote control separately.

See video below for further information:

Pro's & cons
  • plus-circle feedback in app
  • plus-circle solar, thus saving power and less cumbersome installation when renovating (making electric)
  • minus-circle tensile force maximum 10 Nm
  • minus-circle antenna must be on the outside
  • minus-circle considerable expense per shutter
More Information
Motor speed (rotations per minute) 12
Item number 1025018
Motor cable length 5
Nm 10
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