Octagonal tube 8k60 | kit 300 cm

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The Octagonal tube 8k60 | kit 300 cm is a kit of 3 tubes that you can connect together.

The kit consists of two normal 8k60 tubes of 150 cm and 100 cm and a modified 8k60 tube of 100 cm with a connector on both sides. This allows you to slide the shafts 25 cm together on both sides. This gives a maximum length of 300 cm.


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Shipping long tubes is expensive. This kit is the ideal solution, because it is very cheap compared to 1-piece Octagonal tube of this length.

In fact, with the 3 parts you make an axle with a length of up to 300 cm.

So you do have an axle with the right length, without the high shipping costs.

You do not need special tools, because you just slide the parts over each other.

on each side of the center piece you slide the 100 cm and 150 cm parts.

You can use the tube like a normal tube, so all standard parts that you would use with the tube in one piece, can also be used with this tube.

So just the same springs, rigid joints, shaft spools and adapter sets.

the tube is suitable for PVC and aluminum armor and slats. If you have wooden slats, we recommend an 8k70 tube.

do place the motor on the side where you have the most space. This way you will have enough space for the motor

The wall thickness of the tube is as follows:

center piece - 0.8 mm

extensions - 0.9 mm

Pro's & cons
  • Saves shipping costs
  • Easy to saw to size
  • Can be slid together without tools
  • Can be used with all standard springs, axle sprockets, adapter sets etc.
  • only available for 8k60 axles
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