Wireless solar powered screens

Solar powered screens have tremendous benefits:

  • You no longer need to bring power up to the window. This means you can install a screen on any window, without drilling through walls or cutting slots for power cables.

  • The battery is delivered full, and after installation, light recharges the battery. So you have no power costs for using the screens.

  • Also works in places that are not directly in the sun. In fact, the panel has enough light alone. So even in places not directly in the sun, the screens can work perfectly.

  • Large autonomy - so works for a long time even if there is not much light. The large battery capacity allows you to go up to 30 days without recharging. So no worries in winter or on dark days

  • Save costs and time due to the quick installation. Because you only need to assemble the screen (are 3 parts) and fix it with a few screws in or on the frame.

The holes in the guide are already pre-drilled, so no need to do that either (and you just cover them after installation for a nice, clean look).

Click here for more information about solar powered screens.

For a custom quote, please contact Lousanne via email lousanne@tromm.com

Solar-powered windproof screens make it easy to keep your home cool and protect yourself from annoying glare. In addition, windproof screens add privacy to your home and can keep insects out.

Wireless mounting of zipper screens

Windproof screens with a solar-powered motor can be mounted wirelessly. This wireless mounting ensures that the screens only need to be attached to the facade. Unlike other motors, it is not necessary to connect the windproof screens to the power network

Buy solar powered windproof screens online

Windproof screens and parts for windproof screens are easy to buy online with us. You can customize your screen by entering the desired window width, window height, fabric color and frame color. In addition, you can choose from dozens of fabric colors.

We have a standard warranty period of 5 years on our screens. On the motor of the screen, the associated solar panel and the battery we even apply a warranty period of 7 years.

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Solar powered wireless screens are powered by a solar panel which feeds a battery that in turn powers the motor.

A big advantage of this setup is that you don't need external power for the screen.

And don't need to drill through walls to run cables to the screen.

Just fix the screen to the wall with a few screws and that's it



Prices start from  £696 including VAT and delivery for a 100 cm x 100 cm screen.

The largest is 400 cm wide x 260 cm high, which is  £1508 including VAT and delivery

These prices are based on a minimum of 3 screens.


Please send a mail to otto@motorise.it for a quote.


We can ship the screens world wide. When you're outside of the UK, please mail us for a quote.




There is a wide range of fabrics available.

You can choose from 73 different colours from the Soltis 86 and Mermet Satin 5500 collections.

Swatches are available upon request and are sent free of charge.



The warranty on the motor is 7 years.

The battery comes with a 5 year warranty, as does the screen itself.