Elero VariEco

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The Elero VariEco is a wired motor that can be operated with a switch or via a home automation system with external control modules (such as Niko Homecontrol). The motor's distinguishing feature is that it is available at a competitive price and is of high quality. And that high quality is reflected in the warranty. That is 7 years. And that is 2 years longer than comparable, more expensive engines.

The VariEco's engine head is much smaller. Therefore, you can perfectly use this motor to replace Elero's T9 and T8. 

Tromm offers you a 7-year warranty on all Elero VariEco engines. In addition, we also offer our unique warranty, where you get a replacement engine delivered to your home within 48 hours in case of a defect (due to factory fault) during the warranty period. All Elero VariEco engines are delivered with a clear manual.