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At Tromm, we can provide you with all kinds of shutter controls: from switches to remote control and time control.

On this page, you will find our range of different control systems that allow you to control all your electrical equipment in your home via a remote control or wall switch. Think of your roller shutters, folding blinds, garage doors, lighting and screens.  

Based on your requirements, we can help you make the right choice when selecting a control system that suits you. To make this choice, it is important to know whether you want to operate your electrical equipment such as roller shutters and blinds via a switch or wirelessly.

After making this choice, we have all the options for you to satisfy your desire with a wall switch, a remote control or by means of a sensor system whereby you can operate your roller shutters or all your other window decorations from any part of your home by clicking on the control panel. You can also choose to use climate and time sensors that control the blinds and shutters according to your preferences.

If you choose a wall switch, you won't have to worry about a remote control, which you can lose. The wall switch is durable and stably attached to your wall in the room where your electrical facilities are located.

With one of our wall switches, you can control your electrical equipment effortlessly. At Rolluikstore, we offer various wall switches. Both in for operating one or more devices at the same time, or separately, and styles, so that you can tailor the switch entirely to your taste and wishes.

We offer you a diverse range of electric roller shutter controls mechanism from different suppliers.

The brands you can order from us are: Somfy, Elero, Tromm and Rademacher.

All control systems are delivered quickly with clear instructions.