Li-ion Longlife solar battery

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Battery for solar shutters and screens for Somfy and Elero motors with more than 3x longer life.

  • 6700 mAh capacity
  • Fits Somfy and Elero solar motors
  • Li-ion technology
  • Extra connector for connecting external charger
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For a solar powered roller shutter or screen to work properly, the battery is an important component It stores the energy from the solar panel so that it can be used when needed.

The batteries that manufacturers like Somfy and Elero supply with the motors have a limited storage capacity.

In addition, they are NiMh batteries, an older technology that has significant disadvantages compared to Li-ion batteries.

The advantages of this Tromm Li-ion Longlife solar battery compared to these NimH batteries are:

  • Larger storage capacity of 6700 mAh instead of about 2200 mAh for Somfy and Elero batteries.
  • Much higher efficiency in converting light into usable energy. Li-ion has an efficiency of 99%, Nimh is only 70% efficient.
  • Less memory effect. A Nimh battery would need to be fully discharged once every 6 months to counteract this effect. With Li-ion this is not necessary. Only with Li-ion batteries does the full capacity remain available. With Nimh batteries, the capacity decreases over time.

All these advantages are particularly important in winter. In the summer there is enough light, but in the winter you can end up with an empty battery Then you have to charge the battery with an external charger, or wait until there is enough light again And all that time you sit in the dark if your shutter can't be opened.

To avoid this, a more efficient battery with a larger storage capacity is the best option That way you're never in the dark, even if your battery is already a few years old.

Technical specifications

    • weight: 375 grams
    • dimensions: 39 x 2 x 1,9 cm
    • capacity: 6700 mAh
    • technology: Li-ion
Pro's & cons
  • plus-circle Li-ion batterij met 6700 mAh capaciteit - gaat meer dan 3x langer mee dan de Elero en Somfy NimH batterijen
  • plus-circle Plug en play - eenvoudig vastklikken met de connector
  • plus-circle Extra connector die gebruikt kan worden om bij te laden, zonder dat de bekabeling losgemaakt hoeft te worden
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